- Rock Hill, South Carolina -

The most feature rich, accessible, and economic coworking space in the region.


Blazing Internet
Comporium Zipstream 5G Wifi equipped on each floor, plus wired connections in every office.
Plenteous Parking
You're guaranteed to have a spot. You could probably land a helicopter here if that's your style.
24/7 Access
Whether you're an early riser or you burn the midnight oil, you can come work anytime.
Fully Accessible
Our facility meets all commercial accessibility standards, including elevator access to all three floors.
Clean, newly renovated ADA compliant restrooms available on each floor.
Lounges & Kitchen
Lounge area on every floor, in addition to a full kitchen and dining area on the ground level.
Key card access required to enter building. Our parking lot and entrances are video monitored.
Conference Room
Our state-of-the-art conference room is perfect for both virtual and in-person meetings.



Get a desk to yourself in a shared open space.

Small Office

Small interior private office suitable for one person.

Large Office

Large private office suitable for up to four people.

Plus, enjoy all the other benefits of a Gravity Center subscription.

Also included in your lease are all the other invaluable benefits, events, and services available exclusively to Gravity Center subscribers.
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